Always Working

We know 'down time' is not a good thing when it comes to making sure your processes are running smoothly. We are here for you, always working to ensure you have what you need.

Serving Diverse Industries

We serve a diverse array of industries in the public and private sectors and work alongside facility managers and administrators to make sure everything is running perfectly.

Always Fair

We pride ourselves on pleasing our customers in every single transaction. We will work with you to make sure you feel you have gotten every single thing you need, and at a - better than- fair price.

Always Working for You

The SafetyChix Difference

SafetyChix is a leading distributor of industrial and safety supplies across industries. We deliver quality and consistency for a world that’s always working.

“SafetyChix provided us real-time solutions during the pandemic before I even had to call. Their reliability, agility, collaboration and enthusiasm to provide us top name quality products and alternatives in Safety PPE and Facility Supplies are unprecedented.”

Cary Hendrix, WSO-CSM, CSSD

Director of Environmental, Health & Safety

Ferrara Candy Company

We get that having supplies for your plant is mission critical. Down time is not an option and making sure you have someone you can trust to get you what you need, when you need it and with a great price is imperative. That’s why we focus on making sure we are in the top 5% in your most important areas.

Everything You Need.

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We offer a full range of solutions for all your Janitorial, Maintenance and Cleaning needs - to help you create a clean and safe environment for all buildings, plants and facilities.

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Safety PPE

No matter what job or activity you do we have extensive lines of Safety/PPE products that you need to keep you and your environment perfectly protected.

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We offer the best medical grade, food grade, and cleaning chemical sanitizing products on the market. Guaranteed to protect you and your facility from COVID and other viruses.

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